Personocco Spogs and Spice about circle

“Persono-what! – It sounds like a pill!”

Yep – that was Mum’s reaction when we told her what we were thinking of naming our fledgling company back in early 2010.
It’s an unusual name, that’s for sure! In fact, as one of our trusty web team told us, it is a ‘Googlewhack’ and that is exactly what we wanted – something unique to go along with the unique items we make. Our full moniker is ‘The Personalised Occasions Company’ which we promptly blended to make ‘Personocco’, pronounced “Purse-on-a-coe”.

Personalised Marshmallows & Lovehearts

Since 2010 we have grown from strength to strength, starting off just purely on eBay, where we have sold literally millions of our personalised Love Hearts, receiving thousands and thousands of happy, positive feedbacks for them.

Nowadays, we are busy creating a home on our own website for all the unique party gifts, from personalised marshmallows to wedding favours and baby shower favours, in fact we personalise sweets and favours for just about every occasion imaginable!

Wedding Favours & Baby Shower Favours

We love what we do and have met some amazing customers along the way so far, dealing with everybody from those wanting small, one off baby shower favours, to fulfilling huge contracts for well-known UK Nationwide Companies. 

So, if you want something a little unusual, you have come to the right place – we will sweat the small stuff with you and for you, getting every little detail just right.You can rest assured that we will give 100% commitment to provide the best quality items every time, and just as importantly, get them to you on time too!

Thank you for choosing Personocco, the home of unique, personalised sweets and gifts.