Father’s Day – Sunday 19 June

Fathers Day Marshmallows

Father’s Day… WOOHOO!

The great thing about dads is that they are indestructible! You can climb on them, throw them in the sea, rugby-tackle them, wrestle them AND share marshmallows with them!

And when it comes to scoffing sweets, dads are champions (never challenge pops to a sweet-eating contest – he’ll win every time). It’s because of this very unique super power (the ability to eat sweets like a kid) that dads are so easy to buy for on Father’s Day.

Get him a Personalised Marshmallow Card – he’ll love it (but he might not share it).

Fathers Day Gifts & Sweets

Cool dads eat sweets

If your favourite spider catcher has a soft spot for marshmallow, we have just the squishy gift for him!

If he’s has a hankering for old-school sweets, then personalised FIZZERS, VIOLETS and LOVE HEARTS will put a smile on his face.